Dew Drops Water Beads Ocean Explorers Tactile Sensory Kit – Sea Animal Creatures Included – Great Fine Motor Skills Toy for Kids

4 ounces of Dew Drops Ocean Colored Water Beads will provide thousands and thousands of marble-sized beads for decoration or play and sensory fun. These colors were specifically selected to provide an Ocean deep sea adventure! Can also be used as Stress balls, Sensory bins, Wedding decor, Vase fillers, Orbeez refiller, Special needs. Whatever you want! Enjoy! INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1 Tbsp dry beads to 1/2 gallon of water, this yields about 8 cups once fully hydrated. May take up to 8 hrs to reach full size. With one bag of beads there is enough to repeat this process about 8 times. Store indoors in room temperature. Avoid storing in extreme temps hot or cold this may reduce integrity of the beads.

Product Features

  • Dew Drops Ocean Explorer Set Includes 4 oz of Sea Colored Beads and 15 Ocean Animal Toys (See second picture for toys included)
  • Sensory play hours of fun, stress relief, decoration, great for projects! Approx 10,000 beads, sold by weight
  • Water beads are non-toxic & colorfast. Check out our other kits including: Ocean Explorers, Rain forest Excursion and Dinosaur Discovery.
  • Dew Drops Water Beads are the most amazing ocean color palette available! Great Orbeez Replacement.
  • Marble-sized when fully hydrated – shrinks to original size when dry! Add desired amount of beads to water.

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2 Responses to Dew Drops Water Beads Ocean Explorers Tactile Sensory Kit – Sea Animal Creatures Included – Great Fine Motor Skills Toy for Kids

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great jelly-like beads for working with sensitive kids We bought these at the recommendation of a friend who is a PT/OT specializing in work with kids with sensory processing disorders.There are TONS of dried bead in the package, so for our first batch we only did two tablespoons (which makes 16 cups of “jelly” beads). They take 8 hours to fully rehydrate, so we did them the night before we wanted to start playing with them.The ocean creatures were a nice sensory add in – they both add a fun thing to hunt for when…

  2. Anonymous says:

    HOURS of entertainment I got these for my nieces (Ages 4 and 2) for Christmas. They were the biggest hit of all the gifts the girls got. Kids are so funny that way. These were literally the cheapest thing the received and they spent HOURS playing with them. You just soak them in water overnight and they’re ready to use. They come with a bunch of plastic marine life creatures that you have to search for in the bubbles and the girls had a great time finding them and telling me what they were! If I had known they would…