Counting/Sorting Bears Toy Set with Matching Sorting Cups in Storage case – Best Fun Educational Toy for Kids Ages 3 and up – for Learning, STEM Education, Mathematics, Counting & Sorting Toys

Fun and Engaging Toy to Give Children a Solid Foundation For Perfect Development and Success In School Practices!

Children’s early education and formative years are critical to developing strong problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and motor skills.

Without the right tools, kids can get left behind their peers.
This game is bright fun and engaging, while at the same time gives children a solid foundation for success in school or kindergarten!

What’s in the Box:
✔ 6 Colored Cups
✔ 60 Colored Bears
✔ Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple
✔ 1 Storage Container with Lid

Highlights & Ideas for Your Bear Counting Game:
★ Develop Sorting & Matching Skills
– Children will have a great time shouting colors out loud and sorting them into the matching cups.

Teach Adding & Subtraction – Sort the bears into groups of colors and then show kids how to add or subtract bears from each group.
Or you can mix them up together. Perfect for kids ages 3-5.

Teach Multiplication – By sorting the bears into groups of 2 or 5, kids can begin to understand the basic rules of multiplication.

Develop Vital Skills – This bear counters game is a perfect way to nurture skills
like counting, sorting, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, fine motor skills and more.

Great Bath Toy – For little ones you can add this to their bath toy collection.
They will have a blast playing with the baby bears and cups in the bath.

Teach Sequencing – Set up different patterns like blue, red, blue red, or more complicated ones that use all 6 colors.
See if your children can recreate the pattern or come up with their own.

► Bears: 1″ High
► 15.25 Oz
► 7.6″ x5″ x4.2″ inches.

Whether you are a parent, therapist or teacher these Baby Bear Counters are a simple way to keep children engaged, having fun and learning all at the same time.

Product Features

  • 🐻 PERFECT GAME FOR TODDLERS THROUGH FIRST GRADERS – Kids of all ages will LOVE sorting these counting bears, counting them and even throwing them into the cups. These Montessori Toddler Learning Toys is Suitable for children or toddlers, ages 2, 3, or 4 or even older! Kids will delight in the fun colors and remain engaged for long periods of time.
  • 🐻 TEACH YOUR KIDS/STUDENTS BASIC MATH’S, COUNTING & SORTING SKILLS – Children can learn basic mathematical concepts like subtraction, addition and even multiplication before they enter school. This multi-colored counting bears toddler preschool learning toys is versatile and can be played any way you like. Great tool for teachers to have in their classroom, kindergarten or resource room.
  • 🐻 GREAT TOY BUNDLE GIFT SET, INCLUDES 6 COLORED CUPS, AND 60 BEARS – The colorful counting bears set comes with 6 brightly colored cups and 60 colored bears. The math counting game comes packed in a hard plastic carrying case, so nothing will get lost or damaged and it makes it a great GIFT giving idea for parents or teachers.
  • 🐻 NURTURE COGNITIVE SKILLS & MOTOR SKILLS – This counting bears set is great as a sorting game for autism, or special needs children. It encourages kids to use sorting skills and helps them develop the pincer movement. Encourage them to dump the bears out and return to the cups using their thumb and pointer finger. Great way for kids to learn about cleanup as well.
  • 🐻 WE TAKE SAFETY VERY SERIOUSLY – This counting bears set is BPA free and non-toxic. The math counter game conforms to the strict standards set by the US Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Toy Safety. PLEASE NOTE that the bears are slightly over 1″ tall, and therefore require close adult supervision for children under 3 years of age to avoid choking hazards.

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2 Responses to Counting/Sorting Bears Toy Set with Matching Sorting Cups in Storage case – Best Fun Educational Toy for Kids Ages 3 and up – for Learning, STEM Education, Mathematics, Counting & Sorting Toys

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing quality! Hours of continuous play for my children, Would buy again. I ordered this counting bears and cups set because it was exactly what I waslooking for. I have been constantly on the lookout for products my childrenwould enjoy that would also be educational. So many of the colored mathmanipulatives only come in 4 colors – red, yellow, green, and blue, but thiscounting bears set comes in 6 rainbow colors. I also wanted matching colorcups for sorting. They make all kinds of games up with the Counting bears:color sorting,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful Product with Potential for Educational Growth My grandson and I just opened up this little package of goodness and I am extremely pleased. The storage case is a plus right from the get go — holds everything very nicely in one secure spot. The bright colors are always welcome when working with little ones. My grandson is 5 so we are just working on the sorting aspect right now but I am most certain the set will go a long way when he begins to learn math. Very well made and a welcome addition to our educational arsenal 🙂 Highly…