BUCKLE TOY BUSY BOARD – Learn to Snap, Zip, Tie Shoe Laces and Buckle

Buckle Toys…Learning is just a ‘CLICK’ away.

Meet Busy Board by Buckle Toy®. This soft foam board is designed to teach basic life skills.
Learning to buckle is a ‘snap’ with a variety of easy to ‘click’ buckles. And no buckle is alike.
The blue ones ‘snap’ with a circle, the red ones ‘click’ with a square.

All in the name of fun kids learn color recognition while strengthening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A colorful shoelace encourages problem solving as it teaches them to lace and tie. An easy-glide zipper keeps things interesting with hidden shapes inside.

It serves a multi-purpose for all ages, including stroke victims and those with autism.

Busy Board is also convenient for small hands to hold. No need to worry about packing this toy for your next trip. It is light and flexible, weighing less than a pound.

Each Buckle Toy is professionally safety tested. We want the best for our children and expect no less for the valued customers that have helped make our Buckle Toy family grow.

Keep your little ones occupied … give Busy Board a try!

Product Features

  • ✅DEVELOPMENT: Assists toddlers and those with special needs, to develop fine motor and cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
  • ✅EDUCATIONAL: Colorful buckles, shoe laces, snap pocket, shapes and zipper teach early learning fundamentals children need to know.
  • ✅TRAVEL: Hard to lose. All-in-one toy provides a variety of activities and prevents losing small pieces. Soft foam material is flexible weighing less than a pound.
  • ✅SIZE: 11″ x 8″ Each of our mom-approved and child tested toys is designed for easy handling. The built-in handle is ‘just right’ for tiny hands to grip and hold.
  • ✅VALUE: Priceless! Reduce tantrums by eliminating boredom.

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3 Responses to BUCKLE TOY BUSY BOARD – Learn to Snap, Zip, Tie Shoe Laces and Buckle

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you’re a little one loves buckles This is a must have! I bought this for my 15 month old daughter because she was obsessed with her buckles on her carseat as well as her high chair! So I thought this would be the perfect on the go toy to take with us to doctor’s visit and long road trips! She absolutely loves this toy! It has a lot of different features besides just the buckles it has four different buckles that are all different types of buckles and all different colors, so that way she can learn different colors! It also has a shoestring and she…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Buckles hard to grasp for 18 Mo old I bought this for my 18 mo old nephew. He is very curious and hands on and loves to try to figure things out. I’m not sure if he’s too young or if his hands are too small or if his fine motor skills aren’t ready for this yet, but he has a really hard time buckling the buckles and gets frustrated fairly easily as a result. If the buckle straps were a little longer or if the buckles were a little bigger, he might be able to successfully grasp both sides to buckle the buckles. Otherwise, this busy…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Durable and well made. Grandson enjoys it.